USC Upstate School of Education Teacher Education Standards of Professional Conduct and Dispositions


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  • shows sensitivity to all students and is committed to teaching all students.
  • demonstrates fairness to all students.
  • is committed to and believes that all students can learn.
  • recognizes and respects diversities that exist in the classroom and plans accordingly.
  • creates and maintains a safe physical and emotional learning environment.
  • shows ability to speak and write with clarity and fluency.
  • uses Standard English in writing and speaking.
  • works collaboratively with others, e.g., students, teachers, parents, administrators, and peers.
  • establishes positive rapport and appropriate relationships.
  • expresses attitudes and feelings in a professional manner.
  • accepts responsibility for his/her own actions.
  • is flexible and adaptable.
  • exhibits dress and grooming appropriate for the setting.
  • exhibits professional respect in the classroom.
  • demonstrates initiative in the classroom.
  • is confident, poised and courteous.
  • demonstrates enthusiasm.
  • accepts constructive criticism.
  • demonstrates and supports academic integrity as specified in the guidelines stipulated in the USC Upstate Undergraduate Catalog.
  • respects the privacy of students and the confidentiality of information.
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